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About Million Pens

Million Pens is here to help budding writers have their work published. We’re living in the time of democratization of publishing, more and more people have the ability to do it each day–if you have knowledge, there’s no reason you can’t too.

But there’s a lot to know, how do you get started? Do you write a short story or a novel? Self-publish or a book deal? And how do you market to your fans, or how do you get fans in the first place?

The Digital Author Challenge

The team at Million Pens want to help one million authors publish one million books! You can sign up and start your journey today.

We believe in creativity and expression, and want to help people on their way.

What do I get for joining?

Authors who are a part of the challenge get a full customizable profile, and, are able to feature up to five of their books. This is a great way to build awareness and sales for your books. If you’ve completed a book during the program you can check it off and it shows up as below!

featured book screenshot

So not only is it a place to teach others the ways of the craft, it’s a place where you can gain additional traction for your book.

Book Featuring Guidelines: The team at Million Pens invite you to feature up to five of your publications, and in the interests of everyone, there are a few simple guidelines we have that we’d like everyone to stick to.

It’s a Community

Million Pens is also a growing community. It’s a place where you can you can fell safe, feel at home, to read, to learn, to discuss your ideas, ask for help, and more. We’ll be providing the best service we can to help you find your way on the path to publication.

It’s Optional

Being part of the Digital Author Challenge is entirely up to you. We take no credit and hold no ownership whatsoever over any of your work. This is for you to make what you want of it.

Million Pens Online

If you want to stay in touch and keep up to date, you can find us on

Can I write for Million Pens?

You most certainly can, get in touch to discuss.